If the scope of your project is such that design work is necessary, fear not…Green City Gardens takes the guesswork out of landscape design and turns it into a fun, exciting experience!

It starts with listening…we won’t show up and dictate what you need; we’ll listen to you and give you what you want.

We’ll start with a meeting to discuss the project scope and to fully understand your needs and wishes. At the meeting we ask that you provide a plat of survey for your property, as well as any materials, ideas, magazine clippings, photos, etc. that will help convey to us exactly what you’re looking for. Then we’ll go outside and walk through the property identifying areas of concern and possible solutions.

In addition we ask that you carefully consider a budget for your project. If you decide to proceed, you’ll sign a Design Proposal with a fee based on the size of your property.

Then we’ll combine your vision with our creativity and put it all on the drawing board! Your Green City Gardens design includes:

– Client consultations (site visits, email, and texts/phone calls)
– A full-size Master Plan drawn to scale
– 3-D Color Concept Sketches of the designed areas
– A PowerPoint presentation detailing all plants and hardscape elements
– Advice on solving problems such as traffic patterns, drainage, poor soil, etc.

The time frame to complete a design is generally two to three weeks (during peak seasons, this time frame may be extended). Throughout the design process we’ll utilize email to bounce ideas off one another and for you to do quick approvals of plant and hardscape suggestions. Then with the Final Design in place, we’ll schedule the installation of your new landscape!

Click here to view our Design Proposal.